Powerful Habits of The Ultra Successful (part four).

4 - Money Management4. Money Management

We make choices every day about how, where, and when we will spend our money. These choices can have a significant affect on your financial life. Do you spend a lot of money on credit card debt each month? Do you treat yourself to things after a rough week at work?

Here’s a short list of other questions that you can ask yourself to help you to start thinking about money:

Do I have a good idea of how much I spend each week or month?

Do I take care of the essentials first—such as food, utilities and rent — before spending money on other things?

Do I have a huge balance on my credit card(s)?

Am I a savvy shopper?

Do I save money regularly?

Do I have three months of living expenses saved?

Do I have specific goals I’m planning for financially?

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