At Self-Empowerment Alliance it is our goal to enhance the capacity of individuals to take control of their personal circumstances, to exercise power and achieve their own goals. Individuals are encouraged to help themselves and others to maximise the quality of their lives. We implement an intentional, ongoing process of mutual respect among our members, offer critical reflection exercises in a caring group environment and encourage our members to recognise, control and share their resources, allowing greater access to an equal share of those resources. Thus, our members gain greater mastery over their own lives.




Who is it for?

If you, as an adult, find yourself in actual or perceived circumstances that make you feel powerless, regardless of those circumstances, then Self-Empowerment Alliance is for you. Some examples of those circumstances might include; prolonged periods of unemployment, seeking self-sufficiency and unable to implement a plan of action, relationship breakdown, unable to set goals and to stay focused long enough to implement them, career development or business start-up or development. The emphasis always remains on SELF-empowerment, regardless of any circumstance.


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What makes it an “Alliance”?


How does it work?