Business Development

Setting up a business can be difficult at times, to say the least. There’s tons of advice online and many cities and towns have agencies to help with the process; the legal process. That’s good, but, when you’re done with all that and you’re out on your own, trying to find the right resources to expand and/or automate certain aspects of your business, it can seem like an endless task. You either run your business, or your business takes over your life – completely.

Self-Empowerment is, for us, all about working towards being empowered to live the life you want, to become self-supporting, self-sufficient, (you get the idea). Prior to our re-branding, we were “Discovering Choices”. Our main operation was setting up and mentoring Master Mind Groups. The groups have disbanded, at least until the Summer of 2018. However, we still work alongside most of our old group members who willingly continue to share their resources with us, as we also do with them.

It is with those resources, products and services that we have developed our Business Development services, mainly for the budding entrepreneur. We aim to begin rolling out those services in January/February 2018.

During our Master Mind group sessions we were amazed to find the many ideas and knowledge that our members were willing to share, in order to help the other group members. When we collated all those ideas, resources and knowledge we found that we had a nice collection of niche services that could be shared with a wider community. If you are reading this page, it is possible that you are part of that community.

As previously mentioned, our Master Mind groups will begin again in the summer of 2018, under a different name, ergo Self-Empowerment Alliance Groups. The services that we have gathered, and gained permission to use, will be freely shared with all future members of our groups, as necessary. I hasten to add that our groups are introduced on our Personal Development Page on our main website. This is because we look at the entire business and the habits of the person running the business in order to address specific trouble spots.

In the meantime, I will write about some of the services that we aim to provide, here on the blog. Any post that has ‘business development’ as a tag included will highlight those services.