Internet Marketing

Our main effort in Internet Marketing, (IM), is, as with our Business Development services, mainly for those who are starting out or struggling to expand in some way. If you’ve been marketing online for even just a couple of years, and you know the ins and outs, there’s probably not much we can teach you. You probably have access to at least one PLR site and you’re probably a member of a couple of JV sites.

On the other hand, if you’re new to IM, or you’re struggling to make sales, we may be able to help. There are tried and tested methods and most marketers know what those methods are. The thing is, it costs money, and it can cost a LOT of money to buy the required services. There’s also the issue of technical know-how, (or lack thereof), to consider.

Many service providers, for instance, will offer a free trial period, and the chance to scale as your business grows. But, what happens if you don’t grow because you just can’t get the sales? Maybe you can’t get the sales because you don’t have, (or can’t buy), the best services. Truly a catch 22 situation.

Also, the website of choice, for most, seems to be the WordPress blog. However, what do you do if you don’t have the technical skills to download the .org wordpress pack and program it ready for upload? Before that you have to buy a domain name, hosting and a few other bits and pieces, such as setting DNS records etc. Most of which costs a tidy little sum when you add it all up.

With this in mind, we are currently working on a training that will show the IM newbie how to make money online – on a limited budget, (I.E. for next to nothing). The training will appear solely on our main website IM Member’s Area, and will be exclusive to members. In the spirit of true community, however, we also aim to finance some of the required services for a few choice members.

Some of the posts on this blog will appear with the ‘Internet Marketing’ tag. Some of those posts will review certain products, others will be about the aforementioned training and still others will be about related money making ideas that anyone can utilise with a little know-how.

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