My Story ~ By The Founder of Self-Empowerment Alliance

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There are three incidents in my history that are highly significant to my creating Self-Empowerment Alliance.

During the Summer of 1992, a friend said to me, “That was absolutely amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed myself” He continued with the question “Why can’t we do that every single weekend?”

He was talking about a Saturday night function at a local hall, organised by the members of a 12 step fellowship group that we were both members of. His question got me thinking about what could be done on a weekly and on-going basis to aid the social lives of other members of that fellowship. Over the next several years I thought many times about that conversation, particularly when a new idea struck me that might be a good fit against all the many ideas I’d formed.

The second incident happened in 2002. I’d been living in England for around 3 years and, owing to some quite emotionally traumatic incidents, I returned to Scotland to live. When I arrived in Scotland I had no job, no way to make money, although the ideas just kept coming, and I had to beg the local housing authority for accommodation. I went to work on finding that accommodation for myself. I went to the worst and roughest area in town and wrote down the number of every house I could find that was empty. No one wanted these houses, the area was run down and “rough” was a massive understatement. As a result of my efforts, I was given a house and benefits to cover the rent.

We, in the UK, don’t realise, most of us, how lucky we are sometimes. We have state benefits that we can fall back on when we run into trouble. It’s difficult to think of another country where this happens. However, on this occasion, it took around 2 months for “my money” to get sorted. One day I woke up to some harsh realities. I had run out of any monetary reserves that I’d had, I was without electricity, I couldn’t wash my clothes or take a hot bath, I had no way to heat up what little food I had left and, although I was in a self-contained house, I might just as well have been on the street.

I went to the office and, again, begged them to sort me out with financial assistance. I even got to speak to the manager, whom I told of my ‘hardship’. I begged and pleaded with her to help me.

That day I got a backdated payment. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I was eventually told, “Come back at 3pm and collect a payment.”

That’s not all though. I had the privilege of going directly to the manager’s office to collect my payment. No standing in queues for me…

And, as she handed me the payment, she said, in a somewhat sarcastic tone, “There you go; you can go home and have a wash now.”

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how that made me feel. Suffice to say that I vowed right then and there that I would make sure that I wouldn’t ever have to rely on state benefits ever again, for any reason.

I’ve had a few jobs and have even started myself in business a few times since both these incidents. Incidentally, here are a few of the ideas that I had as a result of that conversation with my friend.

  • Open a “Cosy House” complete with free coffee, a TV, a games room etc.
  • Offer free advice to socially and economically marginalised individuals and families.
  • Open an alcohol-free bar/restaurant with venue availability for 12 step groups.
  • Fund education programmes for certain, promising individuals.
  • Open a hostel for the homeless.

And other ideas, many of them far more ambitious than these.

The turn around came in 2013 during another conversation with a different friend. He helped me to see that I’d never accomplished any of the above because I never made any attempt to get started. That evening ended with my resolve to make a start.

I opened an account on Meetup and started a group. The first group, which lasted for just over a year, was a sort of spiritual discussion forum, simply because, at that time, I was hungry and seeking “spiritual enlightenment”. That group ended as we realised that there was only so much talking that the members of a group could do before it became necessary to start taking action.

Towards the end of 2015, I started my first Master-Mind group, the focus of which was localised business marketing coupled with personal development. Many of the resources and ideas that were shared during those sessions will become an integral part of Self-Empowerment Alliance in some way.

Periodically, during the years from 2004 until 2015, I made some attempts at investigating how Internet Marketing works. I’d gathered enough information to make a start, without realising I’d done so until, in 2017, yet another friend asked me, “How do you make money online?” This was the third incident that influenced my decision to start Self-Empowerment Alliance.

I immediately set my mind to gather all the information I’d gained, along with some up-to-date training with Kevin Fahey in order to answer my friend’s question.

In 2014 I took a course to become a life coach.

Prior to much of the above, I studied Social Sciences, (including Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Politics and Theology),  at Aberdeen college and Aberdeen University, finishing in 1999.

As a result of many of the above-mentioned experiences, Self-Empowerment Alliance is geared towards helping anyone who finds themselves in financial difficulty and who want or need to earn money online on a budget.

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