Personal Development


What makes an individual begin to seek to better themselves?

For some it comes almost intuitively. They know that they need to train themselves to become better at something, or many different things. Those are the individuals that are usually more successful than the rest of us. And they almost always start at a very early age.

For others it’s something that happens later in life. They continue to make the same mistakes and they wonder why they can’t break out of the self defeating cycles that have become so familiar to them. They may eventually seek assistance to overcome their problems.

Still others drive themselves into addiction of some form or other and they don’t see that they have a problem, until one day they realise that the biggest problem they have needs to be addressed. They will then either seek help and guidance or they continue in denial until their addiction kills them or causes them physical or psychological damage.

At Self-Empowerment Alliance we speak of “Life Problems”. Those problems can range from seeking a solution to a single and specific difficulty, to learning how to deal with a whole plethora of issues. We believe that there is no problem too difficult to overcome.

How Can Self-Empowerment Alliance Help?

We run online groups that help the members to see their issues from different perspectives, to seek out new, hitherto unidentified solutions. We thereby create a community that helps each individual become accountable to themselves, to assist the member to speak about issues without judgement and to celebrate successes together. Our group meetings in a local venue in Belfast, Northern Ireland have the same format and goals.

In addition to our groups, our main website offers solutions for individuals unready to join, or commit to, one of our groups. We are currently building the Personal Development Members Area and more products will be added in the coming weeks and months. You can join now for free. However, there will be a small monthly charge beginning sometime in the first couple of months of 2018. Click Here for more information.

Some posts on this blog will be “tagged” as ‘Personal Development’. With these posts we hope to help you make a start in your journey of self discovery, personal development, self mastery and beyond.

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