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An Extremely Bad Blog Post Title And Topic.

It was a bad start. The title, “Getting Started” was, I have to confess, an extremely bad title for my first post. Why? Well, it’s not very attention grabbing, to begin with, and I’ve only spent two or three days trying to think of a follow up title for my next installment. And now I’m at pains to lead into the purpose of this post, which is, essentially, the follow on from that first post. Hmmm! Continue reading “An Extremely Bad Blog Post Title And Topic.”

Powerful Habits of The Ultra Successful (part two).

2 - Visualisation

Have you ever imagined living in a place, say, an area in your home town, or a different city, only to find that some time later you were going there to live?

This has happened to me several times over the years and I’m quite sure I played no other part in the process than to imagine living there. And I’d never even heard of visualisation at the time.

Here are 2 facts about visualisation:

Continue reading “Powerful Habits of The Ultra Successful (part two).”

Getting Started

Last night I was plodding my way through some tabs I’ve had open on my browser for what seems like months. My goal? I wanted to close some of those tabs. I’d kept them open so that I could get back to them, later. I never had. I currently have at least 30-40 tabs open on my browser. I need to get these either closed or bookmarked for future reference.

Suddenly it hit me… Continue reading “Getting Started”